Quilted: From Pattern to Patchwork

Quilted: From Pattern to Patchwork
Janine Vangool
Uppercase Publishing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2019.
21.2 x 17.7 x 3.4cm

Artist Statement

Quilting has a long history as a domestic folk art, usually done by women, and using available and recycled fabrics to create well designed and constructed blankets for family and friends. Unique patterns were developed in various regions and among distinctive ethnic groups by seamstress-artists. Wonderful designs such as crazy quilts, log cabin quilts, “Dove in the Window”, or the Amish “Nine-Patch” are all part of American social history. This book is a catalog of current quilt artists and surveys their ideas, the art they create, their methods, and the careers they have built. I wanted my design to reflect their work—from pattern to patchwork—I chose to work from standard quilting patterns to honor this artform. My design includes the Nine-Patch pattern in the title treatment and a modified Double Irish Chain. The embossed line suggests a roof under which the quilts will cover the beds.

The Textblock was received from the publisher as part of an ongoing collaborative project organized by Todd Pattison. A group of hand binders were asked to create a fine binding for a copy of the book.  These bindings will be on view on a website later in the year. 


Gray/green folio end sheets were added to the Textblock. Text is sewn on cords and laced into boards in a tightback spine. Edge treatments on all three sides are handpainted and stenciled in blue water-based media.  Handwoven Double French headbands in light blue, gold and dark blue silk are sewn over card stock cores. Pastedowns and endsheets are Damen/Papier Royaal “traditioneel schutblad”. The book is covered in purple goatskin with onlays made from leather, “crackle” leather, and lachonuse; blind tooling along embossed areas, embossed with netting and sanded.  Title is stamped in black on the recto.