Aubergine Atelier is dedicated to creating art in book form—including writing, fine printing, artwork and design bookbinding. The Atelier, located in Seattle, Washington, enjoys the close proximity of the natural world as well as the collegiality of many local artists.

Jodee Fenton attends the American Academy of Bookbinding in Fine Binding and is a diploma candidate. She studies with Donald Glaister and the faculty of the Academy. Fenton received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Literature from Ripon College. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Chicago in Library and Information Science and a BFA in Painting from the University of Washington. She is a member of Guild of Book Workers, Puget Sound Book Artists Association and the Book Arts Guild. She served as President and board member of the Book Club of Washington for over a decade. She has been the Head of Special Collections for the Seattle Public Library from which she recently retired to pursue her studio work full time.

Books have been part of our cultural experience for millennia as holders for information, narrative and memories.  As a book artist, I use this format to create experiences for the audience by taking a concept and engaging with it over the course of making the book.  Since a viewer will spend time reading the book I have the opportunity to explore the concept page by page and deepen that experience. I  create imagery that interprets the topic, design the structure of the book itself, and put it into a fine binding.  Using rhythm and cadence with pauses and surprises keeps a reader interested. The combination of language, letters and words, visual imagery and space bring a synergistic energy to my work.  Jodee Fenton